• A campsite will consist of one picnic table, a garbage can and one burning ring.
  • Campfires must be kept in burn rings and burn rings may be moved only with permission.
  • Campfires must be controlled and observed at all times.
  • Only registered campers may occupy their campsite.
  • Campsites must be kept clean.
  • Campers must place their trash in the campground dumpster prior to leaving the campground.
  • Pets must be on a leash and shall not disrupt others. Pet waste must be cleaned up and disposed of in an appropriate container.
  • All campers and guests must follow campground speed limits.
  • Quiet time is 11:00 pm to 7:00 am. Loud music, loud noises or yelling is not permitted. No unnecessary traffic.
  • Camper air conditioners and lights must be shut off when you leave for home. An additional electrical fee of $5.00 per day will be charged if left on. 
  • Any damage to trees, property, and campground material will result in prosecution. A reward will be given for the reporting of and conviction of any damage to property or equipment.
  • Camper decks, screen buildings, and sheds must be approved by the Birch Ridge RV Campground owners.
  • Birch Ridge RV Campground is not responsible for any theft, camper damage or the loss of personal items.
  • Renter shall indemnify and hold harmless Birch Ridge RV Campground from all costs, losses, or expenses incurred for any damage caused by renter or renter’s family members, guests or invitees to BRC property.

  • Seasonal renters are responsible to mow/trim around and under your boat, trailer or lawn furniture that is on you campsite; however, you may borrow Birch Ridge Campground's lawn mower and weedwacker.
  • If renter fails to maintain their campsite, management will give Renter a 7-day notice.  If campsite is not maintained within a reasonable time, management will perform the maintenance and shall charge the Renter a $25 maintenance charge for each occurrence.

  • Boat trailer parking is available - one boat per camper.
  • Any violation of these regulations may result in your removal from the campground without refund and may result in a fine.
  • Camper requirements:
           a)  All RV campers must be currently licensed.
           b)  All campers must have homeowner/comp. insurance.